October 2017 School Board Minutes

Link to Video of October 19, 2017 Board of Education:



The regular meeting of the Board of Education of School District 165 was held in the Carbondale Community High School Cafeteria, 1301 East Walnut Street, Carbondale, Illinois, on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

Upon roll call, the following members were present:

Kathy Booziotis                      Christopher Swims
Linda Flowers                         Julie VanWinkle
Joe Hudgins                            Brian Woodard

The following member was absent:  Francis Tsung

Also present were: 

Stephen Murphy                     Lena Dierks               
Donna Fager                           Southern Illinoisan Represented
Daniel Booth                        

Approval of Minutes: Motion by Flowers, seconded by Hudgins, to approve the minutes of the regular scheduled meeting of September 21, 2017. Roll call: Booziotis, Flowers, Hudgins, Swims, VanWinkle and Woodard voted yes. Nay, none. Motion carried.

Old Business: None

Science Department Presentation: Lena Dierks, Science Department Chair, did a presentation for the Board regarding the activities of the Science Department.

Public Comments: Student Dress Code: CCHS students, Amber-Rose Moore and Kylie Measimer, addressed the Board regarding the Student Dress Code.  They said they felt the code was sexist because it was more restrictive for girls than boys; that there was inconsistency in the enforcement of the code; that the way students are removed from class for a code violation is humiliating and a disruption to the learning environment. They said more student input and more communication between students and administration would help bridge the gap so that students understand the code better and they will not be as disrespectful.

Mr. Murphy thanked the students for bringing their concerns to their attention.  He said the Student Dress Code has been an ongoing issue and that Mr. Booth had been on the agenda that night to update the Board on the issue. He said the Parent Advisory Committee and Student Advisory Committee have been reviewing and revising the dress code over the last couple of years to address the issues that have occurred with the dress code. He said the administration wants to find common ground on the issue and will look at how they enforce the code and be more progressive. Mr. Booth reiterated Mr. Murphy’s comments and requested suggestions that were solution oriented. Mr. Murphy said the committees would be meeting again on the dress code issue next month, and that there would be an update to the Board at a future meeting.

Payment of Bills: Motion by Booziotis, seconded by Hudgins, to pay the remaining bills for the month of September 2017; and, those available for payment for the month of October 2017. Roll call: Flowers, Hudgins, Swims, VanWinkle, Woodard and Booziotis voted yes. Nay, none.  Motion carried.

2017-18 District-Wide Goals: Mr. Murphy requested the Board’s thoughts/input in preparing the 2017-18 District-Wide Goals. The 2017-18 District-Wide Goals will be approved at the November 9, 2017 Board meeting.

Awarding of School Minivan Bid: Motion by Swims, seconded by Hudgins, to acknowledge receipt of the bids received for a school minivan; and, to award the bid to the lowest responsible bidder, Ward Chrysler of Carbondale, in the amount of $20,711.15 for a new seven-passenger minivan as presented. Roll call: Hudgins, Swims, VanWinkle, Woodard, Booziotis and Flowers voted yes. Nay, none. Motion carried.

Reschedule February Board of Education Meeting: Motion by Flowers, seconded by Hudgins, to reschedule the Thursday, February 15, 2018 regular Board of Education meeting to Thursday, February 22, 2018.  Roll call: Swims, VanWinkle, Woodard, Booziotis, Flowers and Hudgins voted yes.  Nay, none.  Motion carried.

Resignations/Retirements: Motion by Booziotis, seconded by VanWinkle, approve the following resignations/ retirements as presented:

a. Resignation of Tom Brooke as a 2017-18 Assistant Boys Basketball Coach.

Roll call: VanWinkle, Woodard, Booziotis, Flowers and Hudgins voted yes.  Nay, none.  Motion carried.

Employment of 2017-18 Personnel: Motion by Flowers, seconded by Booziotis, to employ the following 2017-18 personnel as presented: 

a.  Extra-Duty/Extended-Time Personnel--Personnel:
Asst. Wrestling Coach:  Jerry Richards ($4,821.00#), Jared Ragan ($4,821.00#) #Employed 6/15/17; the stipend is revised.
Asst. Boys Basketball Coach:  Scott Hankey ($1,500.00)

b.  Rebound Grant Personnel
--Employment is contingent on the availability of grant funds.
--Employment Period: October 20, 2017–June 30, 2018. Hours will be reduced during the summer or until adequate student enrollment is achieved.
Sean McGahan, Math/Science/Social Studies Program Learning Facilitator--35 Hrs./Week @ $16.00/Hr.

Roll call: Woodard, Booziotis, Flowers, Hudgins, Swims and VanWinkle voted yes. Nay, none. Motion carried.

Approval of 2017-18 Volunteers: None

November Board of Education Meeting: The November Board of Education meeting will be Thursday, November 9, 2017.

2017 IASB Resolutions Committee Report: The Board received the 2017 IASB Resolutions Committee Report in their Board packet.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 7:46 p.m.