Public Notices


Carbondale Community High School District 165
Special Board of Education Meeting

A Special Meeting of the Board of Education of Carbondale Community High School District 165 will be held in the Carbondale Community High School Cafeteria, 1301 E. Walnut Street, Carbondale, Illinois 62901 on Thursday, July 22, 2021, at 3:00 p.m.


      1.   Call to Order—President

      2.   Roll Call—Secretary

      3.   New Business

                  a.   Public Comments

                  b.   Bids and Quotes

                              1.   Request to Bid HVAC Improvements

                  c.   Resolution to Appoint an IMRF Authorized Agent

                  d.   Personnel

                              1.   Resignations

                              2.   Employment of Personnel

                                          a.   P.E./Health Driver Education Teacher

                                          b.   2021-22 Extra-Duty/Extended Time Personnel

                                          c.   Hall Monitor and Teacher Aide Personnel

                                          d.   Assistant Secretary to the Financial Officer/District                                                 Cashier

                                          e.   Cook

                              3.   Employment of 2021-22 Restorative Practice & Student                                          Support Specialist Grant Employee

      4.   Closing Comments

      5.   Adjournment 


Linda Flowers, Secretary
Board of Education
Carbondale Community High School District 165

Posted: July 16, 2021