November 2016

Link to Video to November 16, 2016 Board of Education Meeting:


The regular meeting of the Board of Education of School District 165 was held in the Carbondale Community High School Cafeteria, 1301 East Walnut Street, Carbondale, Illinois, on Thursday, November 16, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

Upon roll call, the following members were present:

Kathy Booziotis                      Julie VanWinkle

Joe Hudgins                            Brian Woodard

Francis Tsung

The following members were absent:

Brad Cole                                Linda Flowers

Also present were: 

Stephen Murphy                     Dallas Terry               

Donna Fager                           CCHSEA Represented

Daniel Booth                           Carbondale Times Represented                     

Approval of Minutes: Motion by Hudgins, seconded by Booziotis, to approve the minutes of the regular scheduled meeting of October 20, 2016.  Roll call: Booziotis, Hudgins, Tsung, VanWinkle and Woodard voted yes.  Nay, none.  Motion carried.

Old Business: There were no old business items.

CTE Department Presentation: Career and Technical Education Department Chair, Dallas Terry, did a presentation for the Board regarding the activities of his department.

Public Comments: There were no public comments.

Payment of Bills: Motion by Tsung, seconded by Booziotis, to pay the remaining bills for the month of October, 2016; and, those available for payment for the month of November, 2016. Roll call:  Hudgins, Tsung, VanWinkle, Woodard and Booziotis voted yes. Nay, none. Motion carried.

2016-17 District Fall Enrollment and Class-Size Loading Report: The Board received information on the 2016-17 district fall enrollment and the Class-Size and Loading Report for their review.

2016 School Report Card/School Report Card Data and Analysis/2016 Testing Results: Daniel Booth and Melanie Brink reviewed the 2016 School Report Card and testing information for the Board.

Bids for Partial Roof Replacement at CCHS Campus: Motion by Hudgins, seconded by Booziotis, to acknowledge receipt of the bids received for a partial roof replacement at the CCHS Campus as presented, and:

a. Reaffirm Board Action of October 20, 2016 to award Roof Replacement Contract to Geissler Roofing Company, Inc. of Belleville, Illinois, for the Base Bid Roof Area #1 in the amount of $109,700.00. In addition, Geissler Roofing Company, Inc. is awarded Alternate Bid #2 to achieve a 30-year Roof Warranty in lieu of a 20-year Warranty on Roof Area #1 in the additional amount of $9,500.00 for a total combined Roof Area #1 Replacement Bid of $119,200.00.

b. Rescind Board action of October 20, 2016 to award Roof Top Unit #1 Replacement Contract to J&R Mechanical of Nashville, Illinois for the replacement of Roof Top Unit #1 in the amount of $116,180.00. In addition, the bid included a unit price of $7.00/square foot to replace damaged/deteriorated duct insulation if required. Board action to award contract to J&R Mechanical was not in conformance with School Code, as bid specifications did not specify or allow pricing of individual units to be submitted.

c. Reject all Roof Top Unit Replacement bids submitted on October 17, 2016 and rebid mechanical equipment and work component of original bid specifications for a single Roof Top Unit.

Roll call: Tsung, VanWinkle, Woodard, Booziotis and Hudgins voted yes. Nay, none. Motion carried.

2016 Tax Levy: Motion by Booziotis, seconded by Hudgins, to approve the Resolution regarding the estimated amounts necessary to be levied for the year 2016. Roll call: VanWinkle, Woodard, Booziotis, Hudgins and Tsung voted yes. Nay, none. Motion carried. Final adoption of the 2016 Levy will occur at the December 15, 2016 Board of Education meeting. 

October 2016 IASB PRESS Board Policy Manual Updates-First Reading: The Board received the October 2016 IASB PRESS Board Policy Manual updates for first reading. Final adoption of the proposed updates will occur at the December 15, 2016, Board of Education meeting.

Closing of School Offices During Christmas Break 2016: Motion by Hudgins, seconded by Tsung, to approve the closure of all district offices during Christmas Break as presented. Roll call: Woodard, Booziotis, Hudgins, Tsung and VanWinkle voted yes. Nay, none. Motion carried.

Executive Session: There was no executive session.

Resignations/Retirements: There were no resignations/retirements.

Employment of 2016-17 Personnel: Motion by Hudgins, seconded by Booziotis, to employ the following 2016-17 personnel as presented:  

a. Full-time Temporary Business Education Teacher--Jenna Jamieson as a full-time temporary Business Education Teacher effective January 5, 2017.  Ms. Jamieson’s education and experience will place her at Line 0, Column BA/BS prorated on the Teacher Salary Schedule $22,459.90.

b. Library Teacher Aide--Malaikah Love as a Library Teacher Aide effective November 17, 2016, at the rate of $10.00 per hour.

Roll call: Booziotis, Hudgins, Tusng, VanWinkle and Woodard voted yes. Nay, none.  Motion carried.

Approval of 2016-17 Volunteers: There were no volunteers recommended for approval.

December Board Meeting: The December Board of Education meeting will be Thursday, December 15, 2016.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:16 p.m.