English Links

English Department Links:


  1. New York Museum of Modern Art  
  2. www.moma.org

  3. The Louvre Museum
  4. http://mistral.enst.fr/~pioch/louvre

  5. National Gallery of Art
  6. www.nga.gov

  7. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  8. www.metmuseum.org

  9. Art Site - Geocities compiled Greek Art
English and Humanities Related Sites:
  • Academy of American Poets
  • Classics Archive
  • A.P. and SAT II Writing Help
  • The Works of Shakespeare
  • Banned Books Online -- access to the most commonly banned books across the country (i.e. Huckleberry Finn).
  • The Art History Research Centre
  • Classics -- Electronic Resources for Classicists
  • Creative Writing "Inkspot"
  • Cultural Studies
  • Drama - The College Theatre Guide
  • English - English Literature Main Page
  • Linguistics - Ethnologue
  • Philosophy - Episteme Links
  • Thesaurus
  • Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
  • MLA Bibliographical Citation Form Guide
  • Grammar Lady -send in any of your grammar questions to find out the correct usage.
  • Daily English News Site with links to all major newspapers and discussions on literature -very informative