Family Literacy


                                -- a Rebound special project


Sandy Snowden, Family Literacy Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

Phone:  618-549-8232, ext. 325

Carbondale Family Literacy is a program that focuses on building the entire family’s literacy skills.  Activities are planned to help parents learn about their child’s development, workshops are scheduled about parenting issues, and parent and child playtimes are organized so families have opportunities to learn together.  A variety of books, toys, and other materials are available from the lending library.  Project staff help connect parents to other programs available to assist with family needs.


Our parent education assists you with

  • Your parenting style
  • Your child’s development and learning
  • Nutrition and cooking classes
  • Prenatal support groups
  • Home visits
  • Role of parent as teacher.


Our early childhood education provides

¨      Routine checks for normal development

¨      Activities perfect for your child’s age

¨      Lending library with toys, books, and activity kits

¨      Learning activities for grandparents and in-home caregivers

¨      Linkage with area child development centers.


Our parent and child together times offer

o   Hands-on family learning

o   Story hour

o   Play groups

o   Family-friendly field trips

o   Holiday parties.




…You receive individualized case management, home visits, and assistance with your personal educational goals.

…Your child participates in activities that will help him/her grow and develop.

…You receive information about how best to be your child’s first teacher.

…You and your child participate in fun activities designed to support learning and school readiness. 


Who Is Eligible to Participate?

Eligible parents are those working on completion of their secondary education.  At least one child must be less than 4 years of age.  The family must be involved in all project components:  adult education, parent education, early childhood education, parent and child activities, and home visits.