Rebound History


Rebound, CCHS's adult/optional education program, has been in existence since 1970. The primary purpose of Rebound is to assist persons 16 years of age and over in their attainment of a secondary education credential. Students who have formally dropped out of traditional school complete their high school diploma requirements at Rebound, or they prepare to take the General Educational Development (GED) examination. Currently enrolled traditional school students who have failed classes use the program as an avenue for making up deficient credits so that they can graduate on time. Traditional high school students may be less than 16 years of age; they must have failed a high school level class.

Rebound is staffed by an experienced group of professionals who are successful at dealing with troubled youth. Counselors and teachers work closely with students, families, and social service agencies in order to provide successful educational experiences. Staff assist all students in setting and attaining educational goals and in exploring, identifying, and planning realistic career pathways. Rebound offers morning and afternoon classes during the school year and summer. Approximately 100 students are generally enrolled at any given time, and the program serves about 300 students each year. About 100 students complete their secondary education through Rebound annually.