1998 - 1999

Record: 23-2-3

    This year, the boys soccer team did very well, advancing to the State Tournament for the second time in the last two years and claiming their first South Seven Conference Title in CCHS soccer history!!  The team also broke many of the school set records like most wins in a season, set last year but broke again this year (23), most team goals (91), fewest losses (2), and most shut-outs, also set last year and broke again this year (17) .  This season, the "soccer boys" continued the dynasty, using the positive attitude of the coaching staff (Head Coach: Dan Frazier/ Assistant Coach:Kerry Hill) as motivation to complete another dominating season. The coaches made a  tremendous impact on the attitude of the teamas they also brought home the IHSA sportsmanship award from the state tournament. Although the boys fell just short of their ultimate goal (winning state), they had nothing to hang their heads about as they just completed one ofthe best seasons that the CCHS boys soccer team had ever played.

(Varsity) Team Members:

                         Zach Hampson 
                    Shane McIntyre 
                    Matt Spector 

                         Ian Hoak 
                    Matt Walksler 

                    Jeff Doherty 
                    RJ Harper 
                    Brian Kline 
                    Baris Sevim

                     Leon Clark  
                     Ortez Davis  
                     Zach Hampson  
                     Shane McIntyre  
                     Nick Paskert  
                     Jay Osberg  
                     Eddie Sandoval  
                     Matt Spector 

                     Andy Grabowski 
                     Chris Oliver 
                     Andrew Phillippe

Cape Tournament 3-0 1st Place 
Farmington, MO
 W   10-0 
Cape Central, MO  W   3-0
Cape Notre Dame, MO  W   2-1
Regular Season 12-0-3  (7-0-1) 
 T   1-1
Jackson, MO  W   4-3
Belleville Althoff  W   3-1
Mt. Carmel  W   10-2
Cahokia  W   8-0
Belleville West  W   4-2
Cape Notre Dame, MO  T   1-1
Marion  W   2-0
O'Fallon  W   1-0
Centralia  W   4-0
Cape Central,MO  W   2-1
Poplar Bluff, MO   T   0-0
Marion  W   1-0
Cahokia  W   6-0
Waterloo Tournament 4-1  3rd place 
Fort Zumwalt North
 W   4-0
Cahokia  W    6-0
Colombia  W    2-1
Fort Zumwalt South (pk loss)   L   0-0
Barrington  W   2-1
Centralia  W    8-0
 W   3-0
Lebenon  W   2-0
St. Jacob Triad  W   2-0
Belleville Altoff
 W   1-0
State Tournament Edwardsville, IL 
Peoria Notre Dame
 L    1-2



                                     Individual Records (set in '98): 
      Most Goals (Career)-                 Zach Hampson          58 
      Most Goals (Game)-                  Matt Walksler            5 
      Most Goals (freshman)-             Jeff Doherty (tied Kenny Lacey) 6 
      Longest Goal Scored-                Shane McIntyre          45 yds. 
                (vs. St. Jacob Triad 10/98) 
      Most Assists (Season)-               Eddie Sandoval          13 
      Most Assists (Game)-                 Eddie Sandoval         3 
                                                      Shane McIntyre         3 
      Most Shutouts (Season)-            Jay Osberg                17