Hazardous Occupations Order #2





Employees under 17 years of age MAY NOT drive motor vehicles on public roads as part of their jobs.


Seventeen-year olds may drive cars and small trucks on public roadways as part of their employment, but ONLY if all of the following requirements are met:


•The driving is limited to daylight hours;

•The 17-year-old holds a State license valid for the type of driving involved in the job performed;

•The 17-year-old has successfully completed a State approved driver education course and has no record of any moving violation at the time of hire;

The automobile or truck is equipped with a seat belt for the driver and any passengers and the employer has instructed the youth that the seat belts must be used when driving the vehicle;

•The automobile or truck does not exceed 6,000 pounds gross vehicle weight


The driving may not involve:

  • Towing vehicles
  • Route deliveries or route sales
  • Transportation for hire of property, goods, or passengers
  • Urgent, time-sensitive deliveries (such as pizza deliveries)
  • Transporting more than three passengers, including employees of the employer
  • Driving beyond a 30 mile radius from the youth’s place of employment
  • More than two trips away from the primary place of employment in any single day to deliver the employer’s goods to a customer (other than urgent, time-sensitive deliveries which are prohibited)
  • More than two trips away from the primary place of employment in any single day to transport passengers, other than employees of the employer
  • Such driving is only occasional & incidental to the 17-year-old’s employment. This means that the youth may spend no more than 1/3 of the worktime in any workday & no more than 20 % of the worktime in any workweek driving.



For further information in central or southern Illinois contact the Springfield Wage and Hour District Office at 217/492-4060; fax # 217/492-4910.  Or check out the USDOL website at http:/www.dol.gov          Rev. 04/16/99